Welcome to Hudson Longhorns. We are located in Southern Indiana where we maintain a herd of over 200 females. We have been raising Longhorns since 2003 and we are as passionate today as we have ever been about our Longhorns. We own several elite Longhorns, but we also keep some lower priced animals around for those interested in that market. We have a recip herd of over 60 head of commercial cows as we have flushed some of the greatest cows in the breed to the best bulls possible. We are very excited about our embryo program and its future. We also do a marketing event once a year called the Hudson/Valentine Sale where we auction about 100 Longhorns to the general public. We hope you enjoy browsing through our herd on our web page and we invite you to come and take a tour of our herd in person, just please contact us for an appointment. May the LORD Bless You. Bill & Elizabeth Hudson



Fort Worth Stockyards Longhorns Auction (click to download catalog)

Sept 30th - October 1st