In 2004 when my good friends Joe and Lorinda Valentine and I started thinking about what we could do to help raise the market value of Elite Longhorn Cattle we had no idea of the adventure that lay before us. The idea was not a new one, it simply came from reading old Longhorn magazines where we saw that Mr. Red McCombs ran a Longhorn cattle sale in a hotel ball room over 20 years ago, and everybody got all dressed up for the formal affair.

The Valentines and I called Mr. McCombs and asked him if we could use the name Legacy Sale and build upon his idea of 20 years earlier, and he told us to go for it and that he would support us. So we began planning and preparing for the 1st Legacy Sale to be held in March of 2005 in the Doral Hotel just north of Fort Worth.

The 1st key to success was to procure a set of 100 elite Longhorn cows so we set about contacting and visiting Longhorn breeders and convincing them to consign some of their very best cows to the Legacy Sale. Once that was accomplished is was just a matter of promoting the sale in order to get all of the buyers from all aspects of the Longhorn industry to attend. We knew in order to do this that we would have to run a first class sale, and to create an environment where everyone would have fun coming together and uniting for the good of of the Industry.

The rest is history, as the 2005 sale averaged $17,500 a head, with “Outspoken” being the high selling cow purchased by Bill and Judy Meridith. In 2006 we increased our average to $21,000 a head with the high selling lot being “Outback Beauty”, selling for a whopping $150,000, also purchased by Bill and Judy Meridith. That year we also sold Phenomenal Dorothy for $100,000 purchased by the Marquess/Mosser partnership. In 2007 the average dropped to $17,300 with Sabrina being the high selling lot, going for $82,000, also purchased by the Meridith’s. Then in 2008 the average increased as SDR Candy Cane sold for a record price of $170,000 purchased by the Meridith’s, and Royal Reputation sold for $150,000, purchased by Richard Carroll. These 4 sales events have been the highlight of my Longhorn career and it was a real pleasure and joy to have worked with the Valentines on the Legacy Sale.

The following year, the Valentines and I sold the Legacy Sale to the TLMA, simply because we lacked the needed energy and focus that it took to pull off such a successful sales event. We are real pleased with what the TLMA has done with the Legacy Sale. This past year, March 2011, the TLMA awarded the Valentines and me with a Legacy Founder Award. We were real honored and pleased to accept such recognition for our 4 years of building the Legacy Sale. I must say, that the Valentines deserve 90% of the credit for the success of the Legacy Sale, for they did most of the work and I was simply going along enjoying the ride.
The following is a list of the top 10 cows, what they brought and who bought them at the first 4 Legacy Sales. I would like to thank all of the buyers at previous Legacy Sales for doing your part in helping us keep the price up of our beloved Elite Longhorn cattle.

2005 Legacy

Sales total $1.8 Million - Sale average $17,500

Sold For Buyer Seller
$81,000 Meridith  Hudson
Tari's Treasure
$52,000 Mountain Creek Loomis
Snowy Maid
$50,000 Mosser- Marquess Partnership Hudson
Bonita Scott
$46,000 Valentine Hudson
585 Delta Queen
$46,000 Gravett Marquess
CK Dixie Nichole
$42,500 Hudson Patti Marquess
Full Credit
$40,000 Hudson Mosser
M Arrow Majestic Cameo
$39,000 Hansen Marquess
Phenomenal Lively Diego
$35,000 Mosser-Marquess Hudson
S&L's Plum Perfect $33,000 HC Carter Mosser

2006 Legacy

Sale total $2.6 Million - Sale average $21,000

Sold For Buyer Seller
EOT Outback Beauty
$150,000 Meridith  Bowman
Phenomenal Dorothy
$100,000 Mosser-Marquess Partnership Allen
Awesome Teardrop
$80,000 Gravett Mountain Creek
$62,500 Hudson Valentine
Hubbell's Shadow Kay $57,000 Meridith Hubbell
KC Pizzazz
$50,000 Robinson Bladen
Silent H Carla
$50,000 Graddy Hudson
Jo Ann $50,000 Robinson Whisper Crossing Ranch
Co Pinta
$49,000 Mosser Stockton
Brush Country Queen
$47,500 Valentine Loomis

2007 Legacy

Sale total $2.3 Million - Sale average $17,338

  Sold For Buyer Seller
Sabrina 115
$82,000 Meridith  Hudson
Allens 83
$64,000 Valentine McCombs
TX Lucky Lady
$59,000 Meridith Robinson
EOT Outback Betsy
$54,000 Valentine Bowman
EOT Outback Barbie
$50,000 Gennin O'Dell
Phenomenal Tari
$48,000 Allen El Coyote
Awesome Emily
$45,000 McCombs Mountain Creek
Gunfire 368
$40,000 Gravett Hudson
Redman's Legacy
$37,000 Gravett Gravett/Bowman
RHF Upper Crust
$36,000 Hovingh Hudson

2008 Legacy

Sale total $2.1 million

  Sold For Buyer  Seller
SDR Candy Cane
$170,000 Meridith  Steffler
Royal Reputation
$150,000 Carroll Hudson
EOT Outback Lezawe
$68,000 Mitchell Bowman
TC Pueblo Shadow
$45,000 Mountain Creek Valentine
JP Grand Unbluffed
$41,000 Filip Valentine
Wiregrass Lady Rose
$38,000 Filip Hudson
JH Classy Mia
$31,000 Filip Hansen
Starlight's Delight
$30,000 Steffler Mountain Creek
Diamond C Fawn Notions $30,000 Valentine Gravett
Slick's Little Star
$30,000 Steffler Marquess