Elite Cattle

Webster defines elite as the choice part, the cream, the best of the class or the superior. What makes a Longhorn elite? At Hudson Longhorns we believe an Elite Longhorn is a rare Longhorn of great value. When determining the value of an elite Longhorn, the first thing that one must consider is their horns. There are only about 30 Longhorn cows in the world, that measure over 90” tip to tip, so to have a Longhorn that measures 90” or to own one that will certainly mature at over 90” makes her a rare animal indeed. It works similar to baseball cards, most of them are worth pennies, but a Micky Mantle rookie card is worth thousands. But horn length, shape and direction are not the only factors to consider when valuing an elite Longhorn. Pedigrees or blood lines is what the Longhorn industry is really all about, and having the right blood lines and learning how to breed them up is what creates the great value. Sure all cattlemen are concerned about conformation, nobody wants to own an ugly cow, and yes, we want them to milk well, raise nice and healthy calves and have a good temperament, but at the end of the day, a real Longhorn breeder wants a beautiful cow that is a rare treasure or even a priceless work of art, created by God Himself.

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RM OK Lady Pat 555

We purchased RM OK Lady Pat 555 from Red McCombs for $100,000 and we are super excited about having added her to our breeding program. She is a Touchdown of RM daughter out of a fantastic cow named Dalgood’s OK Swoop who we owned several years ago. There are simply no holes in this cow and we think she is picture perfect in every possible way. She weaned a dynamite heifer calf dob 5/3/16 sired by High Hopes. Then she flushed for us very successfully to WS Vindicator and we have very high expectations about these potential calves. She recently measured 92.1/8" tip to tip. This might just be the perfect Longhorn cow!

Horseshoe J Important

Horseshoe J Important is truly an elite Longhorn Cow. She is a JP Rio Grande daughter out of Horseshoe J Fancy Pants. She has perfect conformation, beautiful color and twisting horns measuring 89 3/8 “ ttt. This might be the perfect Longhorn cow and we believe this is the kind of cow that an entire program can be built around. Jimmy Jones raised a heifer from her named Horseshoe J Journey that is to die for.

Monika PC331

This is my favorite Longhorn Cow hands down, and she is not for sale and never will be for sale. She measures 88 1/4" tip-to-tip and is only a 2010 model. She is a Sittin Bull daughter out of BL Monika 645. She won a 1st place tip-to-tip bronze at the 2014 and 2015 Horn Showcase and at the 2014 Longhorn World Championship. Monika was also the cover girl for the Hudson Longhorns 2015 calendar.

D/O Miss Grande

We bought D/O Miss Grande her from the Helm's at the 2014 Legacy Sale for $65,000. We love everything about this cow. This is the kind of cow that we believe you can build an entire program around. She had a great production record when we bought her with heifers like Helm Miss Impressive and others. When we purchased her she had a beautiful heifer at side out of Cowboy Tuff Chex named Helm Missy that is drop dead gorgeous and may be worth more than her Mom. She then gave us a heifer named HL Tuff’s Grand Miss that we sold for $23,000 to the Filip’s at the 2016 Hudson/Valentine Sale, this heifer is probably worth twice that today as she is maturing into a fantastic Longhorn cow. Then Miss Grande gave us a bull calf sired by HL Red Baron that we are planning on keeping around while to watch him grow up. She recently had a bull calf sired by Fifty-Fifty that is the prettiest bull calf ever born on the Hudson ranch. We believe this bull might mature into our future lead herd sire. With a cow like D/O Miss Grande we don’t use sexed semen, because a bull calf out of her is probably worth more than a heifer, and you can’t say that about very many Longhorn cows.

Casino’s Ace

Casino's Ace is an awesome cow in every possible way, as we can’t find one hole in this cow. She measures 83 ½ " tip-to-tip as a 7 year old. She has picture perfect conformation. She is out of a JP Rio Grande son, Fey’s Rio Casino and BW Demanding Woman. She weaned a heifer calf out of her that was sired by Concealed Weapon, that is to die for. We had a successful flush out of her and WS Vindicator that we are very excited about. This is an example of a Longhorn cow that is so good, that even with only 84 7/8 “ of horn, we consider her one of our best. When we flush a cow that means that we want to see a lot more of her in the future.

HL Pretty Women

HL Pretty Woman measures 83 1/2" tip-to-tip at 5 ½ years old. She is JP Rio Grande out of HL Sittin Pretty. Sitting Pretty is one of our most productive cows. We sold Pretty Woman for $30,000 at the Hudson Valentine Sale when she was just a yearling heifer. Later we had the opportunity to buy her back and we jumped at the chance to do so. We love this cow and her cow family. She weaned a bull calf sired by Delta Lucky Ace that we are very impressed with and just recently weaned a heifer calf out of CV Cowboy Casaova that we are super excited about. She is currently bred to WS Vindicator.

Playgirl PC354

Playgirl PC354 is another testament to what her dam MS Grand Jaynie can produce. She is outstanding in everyday. She won overall Grand Champion cow at the ITLA show in Princeton, IN a couple of years ago. Her lateral horns measure 80 1/16" tip-to-tip. Her conformation is perfect. We love everything about this cow. She weaned a beautiful heifer calf 9/21/16 sired by HL Lincoln and she is bred to CV Cowboy Casanova for a calf with a world of promise. Playgirl has been and remains one of our very favorite Longhorn cows.

SDR Safari Altha

SDR Safari Altha is an amazing lateral horned cow who measured over 79 7/8" ttt as a 5 year old. She is a daughter of Rio Safari Chex 788 and SDR Fantoms Altha who is an awesome cow owned by Dave Hovign. This cow is so pretty she can take your breath away when you see her in the pasture with the herd. She has been a “stand-out” ever since we bought her. She gave us a heifer in 2016 by JP Rio Grande and then a 2017 heifer by Cowboy Catchit. Both of these heifers are outstanding. She is currently bred to WS Vindicator.

Helm Missy

When we bought D/O Miss Grande at the Legacy Sale for $65,000, Helm Missy was at her side. She is a daughter of Cowboy Tuff Chex, the longest horned bull in the world. Helm Missy measures 80 1/4" tip-to-tip at 3 ½ years old. This young cow has it all going for her, horn, color conformation and pedigree. She is bred to WS Vindicator.

HL Tuff's Sunburst

HL Tuff's Subburst is out of Sun Star who recently sold at the Legacy Sale for $65,000, and is out of WS Sun Rise who measures over 85" ttt. She is also a daughter of the longest horned bull in the world, Cowboy Tuff Chex. She measured 71 5/8" tip-to-tip at only 2 ½ years old. We think she will mature into a truly elite Longhorn Cow. She is bred to WS Vindicator.

Charming Pearls

Charming Pearls may just be the perfect Longhorn heifer. We are so happy to have acquired her from Todd McKnight and we are proud to own her in a partnership with Jimmy Jones. She is out of Cowboy Tuff Chex and Field of Pearls. Her conformation is completely and exactly what we are looking for and her pedigree is the best of the best, along with a tremendous horn set measuring 70 1/2" tip-to-tip at 3 years old. She weaned a heifer calf dob 9/22/16 sired by Fifty-Fifty that might be the prettiest heifer we have ever had born on the ranch. We love everything about Charming Pearls. She is bred to WS Vindicator.

HL Significant

HL Significant is hands down the most complete most beautiful heifer Hudson Longhorns as ever bred and raised. She is out of Horseshoe J Important who is in our opinion one of the most complete and most valuable longhorn cows on our ranch. This heifer officially measured on 9/30/17, at 2 years old 60 3/8" tip-to-tip, which is very respectable, but she also has a perfect feminine head with fantastic conformation, disposition and great color. We are looking forward to building the future of our breeding program around this great heifer.