Money Cows

What is a money cow? Hudson Longhorn considers some cows special from a purely financial perspective and these special cows are the ones we call our money cows. We expect to produce profitable offspring from all of our Longhorns, but this list of cows have done exceptionally well in the area of amazing profitable production. It is as rare as a snowy day in July when you will find one of these girls listed on our “for sale” page or consigned to a sale. These girls continually hit it out of the park for us and we consider them to be the foundational pillars to our breeding program.

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HL Sittin Pretty

HL Sittin Pretty is simply one of the most amazing cows that we have ever raised. She is one of the most valuable cows in the herd! She produced HL Pretty Woman sired by JP Rio Grande who came in reserve Grand Champion at the Winchester Futurity in Bowling Green, KY in April of 2013. We sold her that night at the Hudson/Valentine sale for $30,000. We have a full sister to her HL Sadie Rose sired by JP Rio Grande who produced HL Baron Bigshot, an amazing herd sire we own in partnership with Jim Steffler. She gave us a Cowboy Tuff heifer HL Pretty Tuff Diva that sold for $37,500 at the Hudson Valentine Sale Sept 2016, and a 50/50 heifer HCC Pretty Nifty Fifty, that we sold for $25,000 as a yearling, that is now worth 2 to 3 times that. We have another 50/50 heifer out of her HL I Think I Love You that we are excited about on the ranch. She gave us a 2016 bull calf by JP Rio Grande that we are enjoying watching grow up and she is heavy bred to HR Rowdy for a calf with loads of promise.

BL Patty Sue

BL Patty Sue is a JP Rio Grande daughter out of the Bob Loomis Cow BL Farlaps Peggy Sue. She is very pretty and a very correct in everyway. Her production record is incredible. Her 2011 heifer HL Cow Patty won Grand Champion heifer at the Winchester Futurity in Bowling Green KY April 2013. We sold the heifer that night to the Filips/Gravett partnership, at the Hudson/Valentine Sale for $65,000. We have a full brother to HL Cow Patty, owned in partnership with Neil Glasgow, HL Red Baron who we are using as a lead herd sire, whose off-spring are simply incredible. BL Patty Sue also gave us a nice KC Just Respect heifer HL Just Spectacular we sold to Dale Hunt, and then another heifer HL Patty Cake sired by Concealed Weapon that we sold to Bob Loomis. Then she gave us her best work ever with HL Tuff Patty a 2015 heifer out of Cowboy Tuff Chex. She then produced a 2016 bull calf sired by Cash Flow that we are excited about watching him grow up. She is currently bred to CV Cowboy Casanova for an exciting and promising fall 2017 calf.

Horseshoe J Important

br brHorseshoe J Important is truly an elite Longhorn Cow. She is a JP Rio Grande daughter out of Horseshoe J Fancy Pants. She has perfect conformation, beautiful color and twisting horns measuring 89 3/8 “ ttt. This might be the perfect Longhorn cow and we believe this is the kind of cow that an entire program can be built around. Jimmy Jones raised a heifer from her named Horseshoe J Journey that is to die for. She gave us a heifer calf sired by Badger named HL Significant that is outstanding in everyway. She gave us two bulls 401 K out of Drag Iron and Cash Flow out of Cowboy Up Chex that we are using with our partner Jimmy Jones. Our first crop of Cash Flow calves have hit the ground and we are super excited about them, because we want we to see the influence of Horseshoe J Important throughout our entire herd. Horseshoe J Important is the core of the future of our program.

D/O Miss Grande

We bought D/O Miss Grande her from the Helm's at the 2014 Legacy Sale for $65,000. We love everything about this cow. This is the kind of cow that we believe you can build an entire program around. She had a great production record when we bought her with heifers like Helm Miss Impressive and others. When we purchased her she had a beautiful heifer at side out of Cowboy Tuff Chex named Helm Missy that is drop dead gorgeous and may be worth more than her Mom. She then gave us a heifer named HL Tuff’s Grand Miss that we sold for $23,000 to the Filip’s at the 2016 Hudson/Valentine Sale, this heifer is probably worth twice that today as she is maturing into a fantastic Longhorn cow. Then Miss Grande gave us a bull calf sired by HL Red Baron that we are planning on keeping around while to watch him grow up. She recently had a bull calf sired by Fifty-Fifty that is the prettiest bull calf ever born on the Hudson ranch. We believe this bull might mature into our future lead herd sire. With a cow like D/O Miss Grande we don’t use sexed semen, because a bull calf out of her is probably worth more than a heifer, and you can’t say that about very many Longhorn cows.

JP Grand Anne

JP Grand Anne is one of the most productive cows in our herd. This was one of Joe Valentines favorite cows and we were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to add her to our program. We sold a daughter of hers Annatte PC 282 in Las Vegas in 2015 for $30,000. JP Grand Anne is also the dam of Hot Playboy who has many amazing registered off-spring, 3 of which we have on our ranch and all of them are outstanding. (Hot Jaynie PC308, Playgirl PC354, T Bar W Hot Rio’s CJ.) She has a 2016 bull calf sired by Tommie EOT that we are going to keep around for a while. She is bred to HL Red Baron for an exciting Spring 2017 calf.

ZD Rocks 585 Firefly

br brThis cow is a real beauty and a real producer. She measures 83“ ttt. Mr. Helms recently sold a daughter out of her, Allen’s 585 Firefly for over $25,000. We raised a heifer out of her and Dupree Chex named HL Firefly’s Glory that we believe is worth that or more. She has since given another heifer out of Fox Chex and then a 2016 model out of JP Rio Grande that we are super excited about. She recently had a 2017 heifer out of Fifty-Fifty that might be the best one of them all.

Hunt's Respected Dianne

Hunt's Respected Dianne is a great producer who measures 80” ttt. We sold her 2012 heifer Helm Grand Dianne to Nathan Jones and she has astronomical horn. She gave us a heifer named HL Girl Friend who was 60” ttt at two years old. We have a black and white bull calf out of her, HL Double Barrel that we are using on some really good heifers and we believe he will be a future lead herd sire. She gave us a 2016 heifer sired by HL Red Baron that we are very excited about. She recently gave us a 2017 bull calf by Rowdy HR that is awesome and one that we will keep around for a long time. We recently sold her at the Hudson Valentine sale for $26,000.

Hubbell's Field of Dreams

Hubbell's Field of Dreams is famous and very productive cow, who we recently acquired and we are very excited to have added her to our program. She is the dam of 2BJ Cocaine Lady who sold at the 2016 Hudson Valentine Ft. Worth Stockyards sale for $46,000. Sine then the cow has put on amazing horn and will soon be a young 90” cow and is probably worth twice what we sold her for. We put Hubbell’s Field of Dreams in our embryo program and will flush her in June of 2017.

BL Catchit

BL Catchit is the dam to the BL Rio Catchit who measures 95” ttt and who is the dam to the longest horned bull in the breed, Cowboy Tuff Chex. We bought her at the 2016 Hudson/Valentine sale as an open cow. We are excited to own BL Catchit as anything she produces has the potential to be a very valuable longhorn. We got good news recently as she blood tested bred positive to CV Cowboy Casanova for a future calf we think could be something very special.

Jaynie 698

Jaynie 698 is a beautiful and famous cow with an incredible pedigree. We love everything about this cow. She is the foundational dam of perhaps the most productive cow family we own. We have 5 generations alive on the ranch going back to Jaynie 698. No cow has influenced our herd as much as this lady. Her daughter MS Grand Jaynie PC76 is a "Longhorn Factory" within herself. She has produced Hot Jaynie PC306 and Playgirl PC354 who are both incredible majestic Longhorns. Hot Jaynie produced Fancy Jaynie PC 8, who produced Baron’s Jaynie HL. The amazing thing about Jaynie 698 is that she is now 17 years old, in great condition and safe in calf to CV Cowboy Casanova for a fall 2017 calf.